Photographs 2009

« A reference to art history is evident in Huynh’s reduced portraits ; some upper torso portraits virtually look like old masters with their axial alignment and timelessness. Nothing distracts the recipient’s view from the person ; they stand for the male (or female) subject and at the same time represent a group. The faces of the children and adolescents are frank and neutral, full of excitement and curiosity. The photographer has a good eye and instinct in the hchoice of his models, from whom he exacts a frozen facial expresion. In search of a simple formal canon, Huynh combines convincing objectiveness and sensuality. The individual groups of works stand equally longside each other in the exhibition adn book ; they unify the fascination for the beauty of things.

Les auteurs ayant participé à cet ouvrage sont :
• Matthias Harder, historien de l’art et conservateur en chef à la Fondation Helmut Newton à Berlin