Voyages photographiques (2019)

Shangri-La Hotel Paris, France
From 20 Feb 2019
To 30 Jun 2019

The Shangri-La Hotel Paris exhibited eleven works by French-Vietnamese artist Jean-Baptiste Huynh following on from the INFINIS D’ASIE exhibition at the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts. Guests and visitors at the Shangri-La, the former residence of Prince Roland Bonaparte, discovered prints from the artist’s collection in the lobby, at the Bar Botaniste, at the entrance to the La Bauhinia restaurant, and within the restaurant itself. Jean-Baptiste Huynh also presented a brand-new portrait known as l’homme d’Oman, taken several weeks earlier at the Shangri-La in Oman. Lastly, the artist created a special photographic sculpture for the palace hotel, presented under the restaurant’s glass dome ceiling.