Visages, parures et minéraux (2020) – online viewing room

Galerie Lelong - Paris, France
From 20 Nov 2020
To 13 Dec 2020

From november 20th to december 13th 2020, Galerie Lelong & Co. presents an online viewing room of Jean-Baptiste Huynh’s works, mostly unshown.

In 2019, after having worked in Vietnam, Japan, Mali, India and Ethiopia, Jean-Baptiste Huynh launched his new travel photography project dedicated to Kenya. The artist examines the importance of aesthetics through the ancestral ceremonies and rites of the tribes of this country, notably living alongside the Masai, the Samburu and the Turkana peoples. As with each of his photographic expeditions, Jean-Baptiste Huynh seeks to offer an authentic portrait of Kenya through the faces of its inhabitants, the study of still lives and emblematic objects of the country as well as through its mineral, vegetal and animal worlds. In parallel with this project in Kenya, Jean-Baptiste Huynh is continuing his portrait work in France (the WOMAN series, 2018-2019) and is photographing artefacts from private or museum collections.