Infinis d’Asie (2019)

Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts, Paris, France
From 20 Feb 2019
To 20 May 2019

The Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts (GNMAA) devoted a retrospective exhibition to contemporary artist and photographer Jean-Baptiste Huynh and his singular perspective on Asia. The GNMAA gave Jean-Baptiste Huynh carte blanche in designing the exhibition and staging his INFINIS D’ASIE project. The result was a pure, timeless setting and layout for this major exhibition, which gathered together some 100 large-format color and black-and-white prints. INFINIS D’ASIE was based around three different journeys:

  • a first trip to Asia inspired a retrospective of his work dating back more than 20 years in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan, India and more…
  • a second trip inspired an interpretation of the works from the Guimet Museum’s collection, following on from his Rémanence exhibition at the Louvre Museum in 2012
  • the final trip inspired his REFLECTION series devoted to the beauty of the female face in Asia in all its diversity. The series featured reflections of dreamlike faces through mirrors in which particles of mercury were highlighted and perceived as constellations.
  • The exhibition was accompanied by a 190-page book created by Jean-Baptiste Huynh, gathering together 120 reproduced images. The following authors contributed to this work:

  • Sophie Makariou, president of the Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts
  • Maria Morris Hambourg, independent curator and founding curator of the Department of Photographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), New York
  • Gabriel Bauret, author and photography exhibition curator
  • Jean-Baptiste Huynh, artist and photographer