Feu (2015)

Galerie Xippas Geneva, Switzerland
From 07 Nov 2015
To 23 Dec 2015

The Galerie Xippas in Geneva was delighted to present an exhibition by French photographer Jean-Baptiste Huynh. The artist revealed a group of seven recent photographs from his FEU series. Fire is a universal symbol in many forms of spirituality, but also an absolute, ancestral element that has coincided with all major human inventions and events, such as gatherings around the hearth, cooking, heating, and locomotion. Jean-Baptiste Huynh studied fire in all its forms, photographing the various “faces” of this element, such as the flickering light of candles in a nod to the chiaroscuros of Georges de la Tour, the entertaining and violent character of sparks, and the sensual, golden jets of fire exhaled by fire eaters.